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Evolution Gun Works (EGW)
Generation II Compensator for the AR15 series of rifles

     For many years I have been in search of the "Ultimate Muzzle Brake."  The thing that I really like about an effective muzzle brake / compensator is that it reduces muzzle climb for faster follow up shots.  The things that I really hate about muzzle brakes is many of them don't work as advertised, many of them increase noise and direct muzzle blast back toward the shooter or to people next to you, many of them make your rifle look as if it's been neutered.  It looks like EGW may have produced a compensator that addresses all the issues that I've had with other muzzle brakes.

     A few months back I noticed that Evolution Gun Works (EGW) had come out with their Generation II compensator.  A couple years back EGW had a Generation I compensator that looked exactly like a Colt A2 compensator with a washer welded to the front of it.  EGW's new Generation II compensator looks very nice, it looks like a Colt A2 compensator / flash hider (the muzzle device that is on the M16A2 service rifle and M4 carbine) that has the front of the comp blocked off and an exit hole drilled through it.

          I called EGW and talked to the owner, George, who told me that EGW was producing 2 versions of the Generation II compensator.  The version that is made for the 20" barrel looks exactly like the Colt A2 compensator with the following exception, the EGW compensator has a front plug with an exit hole drilled into the plug for the round to exit.  The bottom of the compensator is solid to reduce a dust signature when firing in the prone position.

     The EGW Generation II compensator that is made for the 16" barrels looks exactly like the 20" barrel version except the 16" version has four holes drilled in the bottom of it.  Two holes are drilled between the 4 and 5 o'clock position and two holes are drilled between the 7 and 8 o'clock position.  George informed me that they had to drill the four holes in the bottom of the compensators that were going on 16" barrels because without the holes the compensator would actually work too good and push the barrel down.  Thus the holes on the bottom of the compensator keep the muzzle from being pushed down.

         Over the last few months I have ordered 3 of the EGW Generation II compensators.  One for a 20" barrel and two for a couple 16" barrels.  The Generation II compensators have very nice lines, a nice even finish, and no signs of tool marks.  They do not come drilled with a hole for a blind pin, but this is a small job for a competent gunsmith.

     At the range I was very impressed with both the 20" and 16" version of the EGW Generation II compensators.  Muzzle flip was greatly reduced.  I was able to stay on target (a cardboard IPSC / IDPA silhouette target) at 100 and 200 yards using a 4x Trijicon ACOG scope.  The EGW Generation II compensator is not loud or obnoxious like many other muzzle brakes / compensators.  I had no complaints from other shooters shooting next to me at the range.  I was using the foam yellow ear plug shooting under a tin roof sun shade and the muzzle brake was not bothersome or overly loud.

     I have used numerous different muzzle brakes over the years.  Currently I have three EGW Generation II compensators on my fourth post ban AR15s.  The fourth AR15 has a perminately attached muzzle brake on a 14.5" barrel.  The EGW Generation II compensators are not long enough to bring the 14.5" barrel up to the 16" minimum requirement or I'd have an EGW Generation II compensator on that rifle also.

**Specs of the EGW Generation II compensator**

-EGW's newest, greatest comp so far.

-.900" diameter so you can NOT mount a grenade.

-It is a comp by BATF rules, EGW has the BATF letter (and can provide it to the customer upon request).

-The Generation II comp is Post ban legal as per the BATF letter.

-The Generation II comp must be permanently attached to comply with BATF post-ban rules.

-The Generation II comp does fit the pre-ban guns though, and is and SOF approved compensator.

-The diameter of the front plug is larger, it may work even better than the Standard E2 EGW comp.

The EGW Generation II post ban compensator can be found at:


-Click on the "Parts" link at the top of the page

-Click on "AR15" under the heading "OTHER PARTS" and you will be directed to the page that shows the EGW A2 Comps

Semper Fi,