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Welcome to the
Colorado AR-15 Shooter's Site

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The purpose of this site is to bring together all those who own, collect, and shoot the family of AR-15 style rifles. This site was created for enthusiasts who live and shoot in Colorado, but is open to all.

This site offers a discussion forum with topics not just limited to the AR-15. In addition we hold organized local shooting events several times a year. You do not need to own an AR-15 to join us and enjoy the fun and friendship. Membership is free.

We do not sell anything and do not want or intend to compete with any other site. We hope to provide useful information and a forum for those living and shooting in Colorado to get together and enjoy our sport.

Joining our group is easy and free. Just go to the new discussion forums located here and register.

A note about the discussion forums.

The Colorado AR-15 Shooters Club has a discussion forum. The board is currently experiencing chronic stability problems as a result of a number of server and software related problems. There is currently an effort under way to migrate the forum to a new home with new software.

It is possible that you may attempt to access the board and find it down. If so, please advise the board administrator who can be reached directly at

You may also choose to report the outage to the hosting company, iPowerWeb

The associated domain name is

The direct URL for the discussion forum is

We apologize for the inconvenience. Hopefully we will have this resolved soon.

The Colorado AR-15 Shooters Club is an affiliated club with the
Civilian Marksmanship Program.
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Colorado AR-15 Shooters
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